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Netherpoles is an uplifted inspection and survey organization providing engineering, inspection, maintenance services to the Marine, Offshore, Oil & Gas, Construction and Structural Maintenance Industries worldwide. Honed with 15 years of experienced Team, we have developed our capabilities to provide extensive inspection management services to the industry.

Our company provides specialized energy services in the oilfield and industrial sectors with ISO 9001:2015 certification. Customer satisfaction is the keen asset of our company which we ensure with the ever best quality services from our well experienced and dedicated workforce under the supervision of an expertized and systematic management team. Netherpoles possess a very specialized workforce ranging in Rope Access, Drops survey and NDT services. We follow the international standards and specifications to maintain the quality and reliability of the work done. Along with this, we provide necessary training from top to bottom of our team and thus assure the level best performance of each individual workman leading to the overall development of our company.

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